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Hoofbeats Sanctuary is an initiative of Kanyini Connections Ltd– a charity fully endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations of $2 or more made to the sanctuary are tax deductible.

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Sooty is hilarious. She’s into EVERYTHING and is the most curious pony you’ll ever meet. She needs to checkout the contents of your bag, your car, your pockets, and anything else you might have with you – take your eyes off her for  second and she’s in the office – literally!  Born in 2014, she’s also super-smart, loves clicker training and has many tricks in her repertoire – nodding, giving kisses, kicking a ball, spinning around and tapping her hooves on the ground.


Sooty was super-healthy and happy and had a great year with no health issues at all. She’s full of energy and cheekiness and just loves to hang out with the humans at every given opportunity. We all adore her.

Life Before the Sanctuary

Sooty was gifted to the sanctuary by the Blashki family early in 2020. She’d had a blessed life, being spotted in a dispersal sale with her mum, Mumma, as just a tiny foal. She’s known nothing but kindness and love for her whole life. As a result, she’s a very relaxed confident young lady who trusts us totally.