The Bridge to Animal Consciousness


A beautiful book by #1 Amazon Best Selling Author and animal communicator, Annie Bourke

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The Bridge to Animal Consciousness – a book by #1 Amazon Best Selling author and animal communicator, Annie Bourke.

(Annie supports our horses here at the sanctuary and has signed every copy :-) )

Since the dawn of creation, animals and humans have shared Earth together.

There is however a significant gap with understanding why animals are here, why they choose us, what they are trying to tell us, and how by helping them they can help us.

Join animal conversationalist and medium Annie Bourke as she builds the bridge to understanding
animal consciousness through sharing her stories and knowledge with humour and compassion.

In this book, Annie will explain:

*Why animals are here

*Animal reincarnation and their soul journeys

*How to welcome a new animal into your household, and how to say goodbye

*How to enrich the lives of animals

*What we can do to prevent animal extinction and peacefully co-exist

Animals matter.

They are wise beings who can help us on our journey. The more we understand them, the richer our
lives are.

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