• An iniative of QLD charity Kanyini Connections Ltd

Finding Bravery Program

The Finding Bravery Program is an equine-assisted learning program in which clients lead a horse through an obstacle course – teaching it to face its fears – with kindness, patience and positive persistence. The activities provide a very powerful incidental learning opportunity through which clients learn how they too can face their fears and expand their comfort zones.

Many people that have experienced trauma, neglect and abuse have particularly small comfort zones and it’s vital that they learn how to safely grow their comfort zone so that they can lead fuller, richer, happier lives.

The primary aim of the program is to gently take clients from:

  1. their Comfort Zone (where they feel safe and in control) to
  2. their Fear Zone (where they find excuses for not doing things, are easily impacted by the opinions of others and are influenced by their lack of self-confidence), through to
  3. their Learning Zone (where they discover how to effectively deal with challenges and problems, acquire new skills and start to expand the size of their Comfort Zone) – and finally into
  4. their Growth Zone – where they conquer objectives, find purpose, set new goals and develop a plan to live their dreams.

The program is tailored to suit individual needs.

No experience with or knowledge of horses is required. All activities are on the ground – no horse riding is involved.

Cost: $110 per session. This program falls within the NDIS funding category of Innovative Community Participation.

More information regarding client suitability and program content will be added soon.

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