The silhouette of a woman standing in a field, the sun setting in the hills in front of her

Our Vision

We envision a community:

  • of hopeful, resilient individuals equipped with the life skills needed to be fulfilled in their lives, personal relationships and community involvement
  • where the life of every animal matters and each is afforded a lifetime of love and kindness


Improving mental health through evidence-based, trauma-focused, animal-assisted and nature-guided programs


  • to empower people to create a future filled with hope, heart and healing – for self and others, including animals
  • to guide people to develop self-confidence, believing in their own ability to change the course of their lives
  • to make programs available to all, regardless of their ability to pay
  • to cultivate connections through mentorship, support groups and community development
  • to strengthen our community, program offerings and reach by creating partnerships with other community-based organisations
  • to promote animal welfare
  • to build an inclusive culture that enables clients, staff and volunteers to connect, belong and grow

Often, trauma results in mental health challenges and financial disadvantage – making it all but impossible to access therapeutic programs.

Our ultimate goal is a much larger sanctuary where people and animals that have experienced trauma can come together to heal, grow and flourish. A centre that can deliver a wide variety of therapeutic intervention programs to help survivors of trauma out of the cycle of continued disadvantage and onto a pathway to a promising future.

Our current location has been an excellent starting point. However, with just four acres of grazing land, we are extremely limited to the number of animals we can rescue and rehabilitate, programs we can operate and ultimately, the number of people we can help.

We are therefore seeking a property with the following requirements:

Dream Property Requirements

  • 20+ acres of pasture suitable for horses (more than 30 acres would be amazing)
  • a natural water source
  • plenty of flat land for infrastructure
  • If you own a property that would be perfect for us and you’d like to leave an incredible legacy supporting human and animal lives for generations to come, please get in touch.