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Go Remarkable Equine Therapy Program For Girls

Go Remarkable Equine Therapy Program For Girls

program description

A restorative equine therapy program for girls and young women aged 12-24yo.

Perfect for young women and girls who are are struggling with self-worth, and self-confidence.

Having a strong inner-critic leads to unhelpful behaviour and thought patterns. This program teaches participants an alternative way to view, and respond to, life’s challenges.

Throughout the program, the themes of Gratitude, Optimism, Resilience, Empathy, Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, Kindness, Acceptance, Boundaries & Bravery, Liberty and Empowerment are explored.

The program consists of twelve,  private, weekly appointments.

program facilitator: marie rene

Marie is a certified Equine Psychotherapy Institute Practitioner. 

We have a unique approach to program delivery. Every program facilitator has a lived experience similar to that of the program participants.  Marie dealt with feelings of unworthiness into her late 20’s and felt she lacked the tools to express herself. When she realised what a transformative experience the way of horses proved to be in improving her mental health, she became passionate about sharing it with others. She studied with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute and joined our program team. Marie now uses her empathetic and caring nature to guide other women and girls on their healing journey.

In addition to the shared experiences between participant and facilitator, the horses in our herd have also experienced trauma.

Marie Rene equine therapy program for girls

This shared experience between participant, facilitator and horses is very special and provides participants with an instant feeling of belonging. It’s what we call: being seen, being heard, feeling felt, and getting gotten.  You could not ask for anything more different than a traditional clinical setting. It’s completely disarming, comfortable and pressure-free.

cost & suitability

Cost is never a barrier at the sanctuary. For those who can afford to pay, the cost is $80 per session. Sessions lengths vary but are usually 1 – 1.5 hours.

We have full and part scholarships available for clients experiencing financial difficulty. This is an honesty-based system and no evidence of hardship is required.

In terms of fitness or physical health, the only requirement is that participants need to be nimble enough to hop out of the way if a horse moves suddenly.

NDIS Note:  If you have NDIS funding, this program falls within the NDIS funding category of Innovative Community Participation. The program is not suitable for NDIS clients requiring therapeutic care, supervision or support from a carer.

application status

Applications are currently open.  Click here to apply.