Little Bird – by Ellie Sutton


Photograph by artist Ellie Sutton – runner up winner at our 2024 Seeing the Soul event.

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Ellie Sutton has entered this work into the 2024 edition of our Seeing the Soul Art Prize and Exhibition and has donated it to the Sanctuary for us to raise funds and help support our mental health programs. This piece was one of our five prize winners, having won the Runners Up award.

Name of work: Little Bird

Medium: Photography

Dimensions: 42cm (W) x 59cm (H)

Artist statement: “Little Bird” aims to capture the profound and heartwarming bond between a young girl and a tiny bird, transcending the barriers of species to showcase the beauty of an unspoken connection. This exquisite art piece delves into the magical realm where innocence and nature converge, presenting a tale of friendship that is both tender and profound. At the heart of the artwork is the little bird, a symbol of untamed freedom and delicate vulnerability. The feathered creatures plumage rendered with a softness that echoes the tenderness of the girl’s touch. The bird’s eyes reflect trust and serenity, illustrating the implicit understanding between the two beings.

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Dimensions 51 × 68 cm

Ellie Sutton