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Rocket is ridiculously adorable, super cheeky and super fun. He’s a mini pony born in 2019 and most of us just wish we had a 1/100th of his energy reserves!


Rocket was super healthy and happy in 2020 and apart from castration surgery, he hasn’t needed anything other than routine vet care – which is quite the rarity here at the sanctuary. He does have some stifle lock issues whenever he has a growth-spurt but that’s not unusual for a growing horse – especially in minis. He is growing rapidly and loving life. He is besties with little Trixie and the pair of them get into all sorts of trouble!


Multiple health issues and vet visits kept us super busy for the first few weeks he was with us but by the end of March he was happy, healthy and an absolute joy to be around. Originally called Harry, his name was soon changed due to the constant zoomies he did at record speed as soon as he was well. Rocket by nature, Rocket by name!

Born a very light buckskin colour with bright blue eyes, his coat colour changes every time his coat sheds with the seasons and we won’t know what colour he’ll finally be until he is 2-3 years old. He is currently quite the ginger ninja!

Life Before the Sanctuary

Rocket was less than a week old when he arrived with his mum, Lucy. His first few days were far from ideal. Born unexpectedly while his mum was literally on the way to the dog food factory, little Rocket saved her life – they were worth more to the dogger through the Gympie sale yards than the factory.

One of our Volunteers spotted them in the sale – both very distressed. Rocket was tiny, about the size of a Border Collie, laying cold and shivering in urine and manure on the concrete floor of their pen at the sales. It was a horrible sight and we knew we had to do everything we could to get them out of there and to the sanctuary as soon as we could.