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Trixie is an absolutely tiny pony – but only in stature – she is very self assured and takes no nonsense from the rest of the herd! She’s like a little packet of dynamite, full of sass and attitude. Trixie was born in 2015.


Trixie settled in well at the Sanctuary and immediately became besties with little Rocket – which was exactly what we were hoping would happen.

She was much easier to care for than we expected. Her adoption profile at the RSPCA had said that she would need hand-feeding for life because she has a very severe under-bite (as a result of her dwarfism) and it was assumed that she wouldn’t be able to graze properly. But Trixie surprised everyone and grazes extremely well even on the shortest grass, using her top lip to meet her bottom teeth and grasp the grass.

Trixie has a number of skin conditions that need careful management in the wet season and humidity. Her dwarfism brings quite a few health issues including arthritis and her weight needs to very carefully managed to avoid to much stress on those tiny little legs – but she is happy and healthy and has a very cheeky side to her which is just adorable.


We adopted Trixie in December 2019 – when she was just 14 months old.

Trixie was originally going to be called Pixie due to her tiny size, but after being able to escape through the tiniest of gaps in and under fences – and even our round yard panels, just 12 inches off the ground – she quickly became Tricky Trixie instead!

Life Before the Sanctuary

Trixie came to us via the RSPCA. She was rescued as part of a 20 pony seizure as a result of charges of neglect against her previous owner. Trixie was the last of all to find a home. Nobody wanted to adopt her because of the health issues she has as a result of the fact that she has dwarfism.