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Sponsor a Horse

Hoofbeats Sanctuary Herd

Why sponsor a horse?

Incredible friendships start here.  When you sponsor a horse  you’ll be guaranteeing their future with us – ensuring they will never want for warmth, care, food or friends.

Rescuing and rehabilitating previously neglected horses with ongoing health is expensive. Costs include:

  • Vet Care $1100
  • Hay $1500
  • Other Feeds $600
  • Equipment $200
  • Hoof Care $200
  • First Aid & Worming $100
  • Supplements & Other Costs $300


Tax Deductibility

For individuals, sponsorship payments are treated as donations and are tax deductible.  Businesses can claim the cost of sponsorships as either a donation (if the sponsor rewards are not required) or as a marketing cost.

Horses currently in need of sponsors are listed below. Mack and Rocket have wonderful sponsors who wish to remain anonymous.