Harmony with the Nature – by Mahdi Khalilpour


Watercolour painting by artist Mahdi Khalilpour – exhibited at our 2024 Seeing the Soul event.

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Mahdi Khalilpour has entered this work into the 2024 edition of our Seeing the Soul Art Prize and Exhibition and has donated it to the Sanctuary for us to raise funds and help support our mental health programs.

Name of work: Harmony with the Nature

Medium: Watercolour painting

Dimensions: 50cm (W) x 39cm (H)

Artist statement: In the moment of genesis, lies the essence of all fervor and zeal within every artistic endeavour; a realm where the creator, in his nascent state, remains oblivious to which vista his sentiments shall grace with their gaze. Along this path, pauses and movements intertwine, weaving a tapestry of exhilaration, each moment a fresh genesis unto itself. Herein lies the essence of artistic allure. In the convergence of these instances, I am stirred by a sense of perpetual incompleteness. And devoid of precedent, my eyes alight upon a vision: a woman cradling a steed, a tender gesture of endearment. It is a scene of absolute truth; in life, one must harbor a fervent passion, and for me, art embodies the essence of existence—a conduit for life’s vitality, for discernment, and the revelation of beauty. Moreover, the supple lines and forms, so intimately bound to the rich tapestry of Eastern art, intricately intertwine with my affections, infusing my craft with a poetic resonance.

Freight/Delivery: This item will remain at the Cooroy Butter Factory for the duration of the exhibition. We will contact you when the exhibition has finished to arrange collection. If you require delivery, the freight cost will be calculated separately and we will contact you to arrange payment for delivery.

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Dimensions 50 × 39 cm

Mahdi Khalilpour


Watercolour painting