BORN: 10 December 1999

BREED: Mini Shetland Pony

HEIGHT: 8.2hh


COLOUR: Brown – with white spots on her tummy and a very grey forehead!

ARRIVED: January 2020 – gifted by the Blashki family

STRESS RESPONSE: Rarely reacts – she’s unflappable!

PAIR BOND: None really, but likes a grooming session with her daughter, Sooty

LIKES: Ginger Nut biscuits, rubbing her tummy on tree stumps and termite mounds!

DISLIKES: Too many shenanigans by the more energetic members of the herd


Mumma is quite simply the most gentle and lovable pony on the planet. She is also the oldest pony at the sanctuary and is mum to Sooty. She’s a tiny wee Mini Shetland and her size and personality make her a big hit with the younger children.

She is incredibly patient and kind and loves nothing more than a good hug and some scratches. She is totally adorable and a true one-in-a-million pony. We are blessed to have her.


Mumma was gifted to the sanctuary early in 2020 by the Blashki family – her owners for the previous three years. Prior to them spotting her in a dispersal sale (with little Sooty as a tiny foal at foot), Mumma had been used as a little breeding factory for most of her life and didn’t receive much in the way of health care. Her little hooves had become quite twisted with incorrect/infrequent trimming. She hadn’t received a lot of love or attention as the breeder thought she was ‘boring’ so ignored her.


Mumma is pretty healthy for her age. She has some arthritis in her hips for which she receives daily medication and she is being closely monitored for glaucoma in her eyes – but all-in-all she’s doing amazingly well.