BORN:  15 September 2021

BREED:  Stock horse (presumed)

HEIGHT:  Still growing

GENDER:  Gelding


ARRIVED:  Dec 12, 2021


PAIR BOND:  Trixie & Rocket

LIKES:  Sleeping in the sun, hugs, scratches, bananas

DISLIKES:  Nothing really – he’s a pretty chilled young man


A cheeky, loving and lovable youngster – full of energy and the bravest horse we have ever met!

Phoenix lives up to his name with fire in his heart, he is a social yearling with both humans and horses by wanting to be a part of anything interesting going on. Saying this, he also keeps himself entertained by playing with the world around him, like chasing birds and feeling things with his mouth. Phoenix feels very safe around humans and very confident when interacting with us – meaning he sometimes runs towards us! As he gets bigger his next challenge is learning how to listen to our boundaries as his cheeky nature is a big part of him.


Much of his history is unknown. He was sent to Laidley Horse Sales in Nov ’21 – on his own and labelled as an 8-month-old Stock Horse. Woodford Horse Rescue kept him for 6 weeks before asking if we would take him.

A vet check on arrival to the sanctuary revealed that he was only 3-4 months old – making him only 1-2 months old when sent to the sales.

Before Hoofbeats

Due to not having important early-life nutrition he was developing slowly and his immune system was completely unsupported. Therefore he was extremely weak and unwell, with worms and bleeding ulcers he had not been treated for.

For months he was the most lifeless foal, who had no energy to communicate, and had no spark in his eyes.

After Hoofbeats

When he first arrived, Phoenix had to be kept on his own to recover. He didn’t want to drink milk formula, eat hay or be hand fed, therefore his start to life may result in some health issues in the future.

After a few weeks, he felt safe enough to not only eat from human hands but also lay down to rest in the stable with our volunteers. Soon, he started running around and calling out to us when we had to leave. He is now strong enough to be with the herd and learn hos to feel safe with other horses.

Health Issues

Phoenix is developing slowly due to his tough start to life, inadequate early nutrition and not being de-wormed before coming to the sanctuary. This may result in some bone issues for him in later life. He is prone to respiratory issues and allergies – probably because his immune system was not supported as a foal

In his first 12 months he battled through a huge burden of ascarid worms, gastric ulcers, anaemia, respiratory infections and general malaise. With great vet care, appropriate medication, a perfectly balanced diet (made possible by sanctuary sponsor FeedXL) and a crazy amount of love and care from our amazing volunteer team, Phoenix is now a happy and healthy young man bursting with energy and playfulness.