BORN: 10 October 2018

BREED: Mini Shetland



COLOUR: Palomino

ARRIVED: December 2019 – from the RSPCA at Wacol

STRESS RESPONSE: Fight – she’s a sassy young Miss!

PAIR BOND: Both Phoenix & Rocket

LIKES: Running with the herd, being independent, escaping, rolling in mud

DISLIKES: Being approached without using approach and retreat technique to ask her ‘permission’. Prefers human company to human touch.


Small but mighty! We can’t express enough how much Trixie’s size isn’t a limit to showing off her personality. She doesn’t shy away from telling us what she wants with her actions – like breaking into whatever paddock she wants. She’s known for getting around with this sassy-like nature while stealing hearts in the meaningful moments of connection she seeks out.


Trixie was part of a large herd of twenty ponies that were all seized by the RSPCA after being neglected. The breeder was deliberately breeding ponies with dwarfism. All of Trixie’s herd-mates, including her mum, found new homes after they were with the RSPCA for a couple of months but Trixie didn’t and was left alone.

Not having any grass at Wacol, the RSPCA had assumed she wouldn’t be able to graze with her severe under-bite. They listed her as needing to be hand-fed for life which put everyone off. Turns out she can graze just fine!

Trixie was originally going to be called Pixie due to her tiny size, but after being able to escape through the tiniest of gaps in and under fences – and even our round yard panels, just 12 inches off the ground – she quickly became Tricky Trixie instead!

Health Issues

Trixie has a number of skin conditions that need careful management in the wet season and humidity. Her dwarfism brings quite a few health issues including arthritis and her weight needs to be very carefully managed to avoid to much stress on those tiny little legs – but she is happy and healthy and has a very cheeky side to her which is just adorable.